I still read comments on Facebook contrary to women giving birth at home and in the battle that ‘colleagues’ are taking to inform about this mode of delivery, thus offering the possibility to choose between different options (I know … maybe there is not only the controlled delivery, cesarean section, or the so-called ‘natural childbirth’ often topped off with a series of unnecessary interventions such as episiotomy, oxytocin administration, catheter, Kristeller maneuver, etc etc …). I realize that even in Italy home birth is still considered “unsafe”, if not “dangerous”. And there are still those who think that a woman who chooses infringe the rights of his son …. Oh well…

After two home births and two books on the subject, many speeches, questions, controversies, actions on TV, in newspapers and on the web, congratulations, encouragement and criticism, I came to this conclusion: give birth as you like! Maybe we don’t really need an “official” battle for home birth, the involvement of “institutions” (it makes me laugh thinking about the level of training / information / retraining of part of the so-called medical ‘establishment’), neither we don’t need the application of laws / ordinances / decrees / petitions etc…..

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