Dreams come true

Believe it or not…..drum roll please…..after much anguish, I finally have the money to pay for my food truck. Looks like we begin construction next week.  Three very cool foodie guys are taking a “retired” Fedex truck and installing a brand new kitchen for me. This should take 7 to 8 weeks and you will be seeing it step by step with me.  Should be fun.  Moving forward now with graphic design and logo for my truck, called La Strada Mobile Italian Food.  (La Strada being a play on “the street” and the famous Fellini movie.)  By the way,  a new, very Hollywood romanticized version of having a food truck just came out.  It’s by Jon Favreau and is called Chef.  (Ah, if only you could get a truck up and running in one or two days! like they do in the movie.)  But it will give you the idea of the “romance” of having your own food truck.

My little balcony garden is flourishing.  I’ve got all the usual herbs plus a habenero pepper plant, fragole del bosco (alpine strawberries), lemon balm and a Meyer Lemon tree.  Now all I have to do is be sure to water twice a day in sweltering sunshine (it gets full sun all day).
post june
I want to share another little adventure with you now.  About four years ago, I went on a blind date with a guy we’ll call Harry.  He took me to my first milonga which is a social tango dance and my first tango lesson.  Suffice it to say, I became hooked.  I met his private instructor, Rene Davila–a teacher born in Bolivia but trained at DNI in Buenos Aires. (Spoiler alert-he’s now one of my best friends and my roommate.) The most painful part of tango back then was my aching feet.  It is de rigeur to wear spiked heels when dancing tango.  I had the most famous shoes in the world, made in Buenos Aires-Comme Il Faut.  OMG.  I could barely walk for 24 hours after dancing in those shoes.  Long story short, I went to visit my daughter in Arezzo and was determined to find a Florentine shoemaker who could make beautiful and comfortable tango shoes.  With the help of the lovely Australian/Italian woman from whom I rented a little apartment, I met the shoemaker of my dreams.  Let’s just call him Signor Franco (that’s what I call him).  And now Rene and I have a little shoe company called Siempre Quiero Mas. (Named after one of my favorite nuevo tango songs and it means-“I Always Want More”).  There is a website if you’d like to try tango and eventually succumb to the allure of many pairs of tango shoes. (I know a woman who has over 20 pairs).
Should have a lot to report on La Strada next time we meet!

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