Food Truck, Fellini and the Italian cuisine

March has come like a lion, as they say. It was -7 degrees F. last week. Today is 70 degrees F. and tomorrow it will feel like 20 degrees. Crazy!

Will be giving you a balcony report as my little garden moves toward Spring. Pretty sad right now. Those single digit temperatures may have killed my rosemary et al.

Food Truck update: My employee Wendy and I have passed our Food Certification class and can now legally prepare and serve food in Montgomery County. I have experts in search of just the rigth food truck for me.

In case you aren’t aware, the latest craze in the States are gourmet food trucks. I am buying one in order to serve authentic Italian food here in DC Suburbs of Maryland. The name of the truck is La Strada (Fellini reference). I’ll be preparing food from many of the places I’ve lived in Italy including: Veneto, Rome, Torino and Puglia.

Hope to be up and running before May rolls around. Will keep you update with news and photos.




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